Creative Writing Courses

Creative Writing Courses

Welcome to the Free Writers Centre – a literary arts initiative offering an ongoing menu of online and live Creative Writing courses, workshops, editing and mentoring, writing surgeries, audio/video, forums, events, readings, salons, writing holidays and much more.


Courses and tuition

A varied menu of Creative Writing courses.  You can take your course online or in a live group.  Online courses have written exercises, audio and video sections that can be downloaded and worked through at your own pace. You can also opt-in for one to one mentoring/guidance from me to accompany your course (or as a private tuition option) and join the forum to share and discuss with others.


Online Courses 

Creative Writing Course = £80 (4 sessions/8hrs)
Short Story Course = £80 (4 sessions/8hrs)
Advanced Creative Writing Course = £100 (4 sessions)
Dreams & Writing Course = £100 (4 sessions/10hrs)
Hypatia:HerStory Course = £120 (4 sessions/12hrs)
Cartography of Self Course = £120 (5 sessions/12.5hrs)



Live Courses in Groups

See our current selection of courses: Or join a group and take your Creative Writing courses live.  See the Live Events page for all information and adverts of group courses and events.


Private Tutoring, Proofreading and Editing Services with Linda Cleary

Working with you on your specific and individual goals.  I only work on fictional material or that associated with the literary arts; perhaps that novel that you are still working on, or finished and want it looking over, or a collection of short stories, your poetry. I can also offer mentoring and private tutoring to develop your work. Take a look at the full details here:

Creative Writing Residential Holidays

to international destinations! Prices include accommodation, food, any tickets/entrance fees and tuition fee for the writing course accompanying the trip. See the Writing Holidays section for more exciting information!