Short Biography

Linda Cleary is a British born Irish heritage poet – writer – performer with a northern England background. She has a Diploma in LAMDA Speech and Drama, a Diploma in Recreational Studies from Manchester Metropolitan (specialisation Creative Writing) and a HND in Theatre Studies. Linda is Director of the Free Writers Centre offering online and live courses, writing holidays and editing services. She is also Literary Arts Coordinator for the Hypatia Trust and works in Adult Education.

She has been delivering workshops in Creative Writing, Theatre and related arts, to a wide demographic of age and ability and in many varied settings, since 1991; working in UK, Holland, Czech Republic, Australia and Egypt – living in Cairo from 2009 to 2015 where she initiated and ran an arts residency and gave her Creative Writing courses at Diwan Bookstores, Egypt

Linda Cleary’s work as a spoken word performer has been celebrated by Apples and Snakes who promoted her on a SW tour in 2005-6 saying, ”Powerful, uncompromising, rhythmic verse. Tough, lyrical beauty. Packs poetic punches with aching sensitivity. A unique new voice. If you need a comparison, think; ‘a young Joolz Denby, laced with Patti Smith overtones.’ (Apples & Snakes) .

Linda has had written work published by Poetry Bay, Citizen 32, The Long Islander and other publications and her own creative platforms are which houses her written work and her audio work of spoken word and music fusions can be found at She has produced several poetry films: many which have been in international poetry festivals over the years, including the Berlin Zebra Poetry Film Festival, Double Bunny Press and Poetry Film Live. Last but not least she has also created installations using text/audio and image exhibited in several prominent galleries.

She is currently in the very early stages of developing a narrative told by several characters, a woman living through the Arab Spring, a man stalking his neighbour, a woman in a loveless life, a man in prison – all themed around the premise of ‘What do we do with freedom?’.

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