Short Story – Domestic Violence by Jude Brickhall

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The clock ticked. The large ginger cat sat motionless on the stone window sill like a round, furry statue. Its energy was concentrated in its razor sharp observation of the trilling flash of yellow in the cage nearby, its eyes fixed in an unblinking stare, body quite still, yet poised to snatch any moment of opportunity should one arise. It … Read More

Short Story Course blog – Session 4

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Session 4 Week 4: Focus is on Evaluating Your Own Short Story Well, WOW, I am always so impressed by the work generated by my students! Not just impressed but revived. I find a constant figure of eight in the process of tutoring writing courses; I, myself, find a re-generation from the dialogue and process of interaction and literary work … Read More

Short Story Course Blog – Session 3

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Session 3  Week 3: Focus is on Voice and Planning Your Own Short Story Today was a full house as ever and we began the session by listening to a few of the ‘Carla Loves Frank’ pieces (350 word flash fiction written in a chosen genre as set as one home assignment). The three works selected were as diverse as … Read More

Short Story Course Blog – Session 2

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Session 2 Week 2: Focus is on Show Not Tell and Writing Voice We were joined this week by two new students who had both missed the first session (but had all session 1 work emailed to them) During the beginning of this session I wished (as I have at other times) that I was recording an audio as there … Read More

Short Story Course Blog – Session 1

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Session 1 Week 1: Focus is on Building Character The first session, as all first sessions of the live writing courses, began with a lively dynamic with greetings as the participants arrived and took their places. It is always interesting to meet the people behind the emails and texts of enquiry and continually fascinating as to how each roll out … Read More

Open The Love Window

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  There is some kiss we want with our whole lives, the touch of Spirit on the body. Seawater begs the pearl to break its shell. And the lily, how passionately it needs some wild Darling! At night, I open the window and ask the moon to come and press its face into mine. Breathe into me. Close the language-door, … Read More

The Wisdom and Genius of James Baldwin

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Like many people I love the work of James Baldwin although I have only read a few of his novels; Another Country, Go Tell It on the Mountain and Giovanni’s Room. It is not just his power as a writer but somehow some of his blood runs through those stories also. They were not ‘just’ stories. They are statements … Read More

Lemn Sissay is Chancellor – Yay!

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Dear Free Writers! I hope everyone is just dandy. I’m writing this, here in Cairo, in what shouldn’t be too hot (30ºC) but the humidity is around 46% and anyway.. I’m feeling it.. But let’s talk about literary things! So, here’s a big congratulations to Lemn Sissay who has been awarded the post of Chancellor of Manchester University. This … Read More

Hello World!

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Dear Free Writers! Oh! how since deciding on the website name I have wanted to write that as a salutation! Welcome to the first post of this blog and long may we prosper – a nod and respects in that latter part of the sentence to Leonard Nimoy who left this planet some weeks ago. So, here we are and … Read More