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The following is possibly one of the best emails I have received regarding my poetry films. thank you, Ursula!
‘Linda, your poems and your film Kill Your Darlings, are extraordinarily beautiful. Your words expressed the enormity of all consuming loss.
The huge sadness they hold is almost too much to bear, yet your pain seems to witness the endless sadness that enshrouds us all as we move through time.
Thank you for allowing us to read your exquisite words and to see an outward expression of yourself and your incomparable mind through Kill your Darlings.
With love
Ursula x’
(Ursula Norbury)
You can watch the Kill Your Darlings poetry film trilogy that Ursula is commenting upon here: first Part 1

then Part 2

(Part 3 is yet to be made!)
NB: Part 2 is currently long listed for the Doublebunny Press Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Award! https://doublebunnypress.com/2017-longlist/
Love ya!

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