Reclaim the Night – Call for Women

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Dear All

The annual Reclaim the Night event is on 24th November (read on for all details) and I am managing the ‘entertainment’ aspects so if any women would like to share some of your work (poetry/prose/song/theatre/music/dance/comedy etc), approximately 5-7 minutes per person maximum, for the event at Hypatia Trust then contact me on:

Note well: Any other enquiry regarding Reclaim the Night then please contact Lynne.


Reclaim the Night

International Day to End Violence Against Women

Friday 24th November

Organised by Lynne Coakley Dyer

MC at Hypatia House Linda Cleary

Lynne says: Dearest friends come and join me for a walk around Penzance. Bring your voices and let’s speak out against violence towards women by men. Then let’s celebrate being women with a shared (veggie) feast, poetry, song and speeches.

The women’s walk goes from Hypatia Trust at 6pm and is then planned to walk, sing, dance down Abbey Slip, up Wharfside, up Market Jew Street to Chapel Street and the Hypatia Trust Speeches, Songs at Arcade Steps. Celebrations/Performances/Shared Vegan Feast at Hypatia Trust .

Link to Facebook event page organised by Lynne:


Many thanks! Linda :)


2 Comments on “Reclaim the Night – Call for Women”

  1. Diana Dixon

    Hello, thank you for this exciting invitation. I have asked Linda for a five minute slot to read my poetry, I will enjoy the mix of readings and performance – lovely to take part….

    My question please is this: what time, approximately, will you be going into the Hypatia building and are the readings etc, going to be indoors? So sorry to ask, I am waiting for a knee operation so not very mobile! thank you very much, Diana

    1. freewriterscentre

      Hi Diana, I asked Lynne and she says this: ‘.. our walk should take an hour or so, hopefully heading off at 6 pm and returning to Hypatia for 7.’ If you want any further information on times it is best to contact Lynne as she is the overall organiser (as said in the advert I am just doing the Mcing of the performers). Bye and hope to see you there! Linda Xs

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